“We need a tool to engage children, a tool to help children talk about their fire setting behavior, and a tool to involve parents.”

We hear this sentiment often from fire personnel and other community interventionists who are eager to address the needs of children who misuse fire.

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Fire Safe Zone Board Game

The wish to help these children and families, and contribute to community safety is clear. Our game is the first tool of its kind to directly address this need. Fire Safe Zone is an interactive board game developed by a team of licensed mental health professionals to address the specific needs of children who have misused fire, as identified by fire personnel, counselors, schools and parents. In addition to issues of fire safety, our game encourages children to talk about feelings, practice decision making skills, and make connections between behavior and consequences. Fire Safe Zone is intended to be an easy to use and fun to play therapeutic game for children under 12 who have misused fire. In the course of the game, children are exposed to numerous hypothetical situations from everyday life in which they must provide or choose a solution to common problems. Many items focus on fire safety and making safe choices related to fire. Others are designed to help children express feelings, learn problem- solving skills and explore the perspectives of others. Play is a natural way for children to express themselves. Specifically, the use of board games has been an effective tool for helping children learn and practice pro-social skills related to a variety of emotional/behavioral issues such as anger management, bullying and social skills.

A therapeutic board game will:
- Capture children’s attention in a developmentally appropriate activity
- Provide educational fire safety information
- Expand the vocabulary and understanding of feelings promote mastery
- Present opportunities for modeling adaptive and social skills

Fire Safe Zone has been field tested by the Bend Fire Department in Bend, Oregon. They describe Fire Safe Zone as “an invaluable tool, a way to engage the child's interest, a fun method of teaching, and a way to engage the family." The Bend Fire Department members were able to use the game multiple times with the same family, and have “vastly different discussions and educational opportunities each time.” Fire Safe Zone is an integral part of the Bend Fire Department’s process of helping children and families develop a fire safe mindset and create a fire safe environment. This game is a terrific tool to add to the repertoire of available resources for any professionals who work with children who misuse fire.

Game Card Samples

Win-Lose Game Card


While playing on the playground during recess, some kids start calling you names. You choose to walk away without saying anything back.

Fire Safety Cards

Fire Safety

It is never easy to say no to a friend. Pick a partner and practice saying no to a friend who is trying to convince you to play with matches.

Decision Game Cards


You walk into the bathroom at school and see the school bully lighting a fire in the trashcan. He grabs you and threatens to hurt you if you tell anyone.

What do you do when you get away from him?

What's Happening Game Card

What's Happening

What do you do when you are feeling scared and do not want to tell anyone about how you are feeling.

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I used the Fire Safety Zone game with several of my younger students, they loved playing the game. I liked the questions and interaction of it. It was fun and didn't seem like we were learning a lesson, but really we were.

Lt. John Eagan(RET), FireSmartKids


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